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Seattle Mistress Alexandra Balance


 A pure mind game and if the mind isn't dominated, the body will never be subdued

 My imagination has no limits, each session is different depending on the partner. The only thing that remains constant is confidentiality, safe, sane and consent.

 The range of My knowledge and experience is so great that anything from the S&M world and fetishes is unknown to Me.Just like the variety of preferences and fantasies of each person seeking a particular experience. Adaptation is therefore imperative because this is the basis of every successful meeting.

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All About Me

   A perfect mix of intelligence, sadistic beauty, elegance and savage style.
   The range of My knowledge and experience is so broad that anything in the world of sadomasochism and fetishes is unknown to Me. Just like the variety of preferences and fantasies of each person looking for a specific experience.

  Therefore, adaptation is a must because it is the basis of any successful encounter.

My experience is extensive and my imagination unlimited; I am a perfectionist visionary, I love weird games in the black and white spectrum. 

  Everything is very private and discreet. This is also the way I treat My subs; I take always a good deal of time for each and every one of them. Thus, it is also possible that sometimes I may not be able to answer a phone call. For that reason feel free to contact by e-mail or by filling the online forms.

S&M and fetishism should always be something special, they do not fit in a directory but here are some of My favourites.


The list of things that we can do is so large that can't be described in just a page. I will write down few of them and if you can't find your kink in the list just ask. Most likely is possible.

Make sure to always be respectful and never ask for any sexual intercourse or practices that are illegal

Tribute for in-person sessions

The pricing structure below is just an example of the most demanded sessions. If your fantasy is different, do not hesitate to contact and share it with Me.

1h Session – 150 (minimum term)
2h Session – 250
Longer periods or different combinations – Ask

in person session with Dominatrix Seattle



Read My website

Nothing more annoying than answering questions about subjects that are already answered in My website. Take your time, enjoy the site and please Me by asking relevant questions.

Be a gentleman

Your politeness is not only appreciated but expected and enforced. First, remember who you are addressing to and of course, keep in mind what’s your position in My World

Be smart and to the point

As you can easily imagine, I get multiple communication requests daily. If you want to emerge from the masses and get the chance of My answer, show Me that you are not just one more.

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