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Dominatrix Seattle, Mistress Alexandra Balance


Dominatrix in Seattle is here to offer the best bdsm experience you ever felt until now

Seattle Dominatrix

About Me

A perfect mix of intelligence, sadistic beauty, elegance and savage style

  If ever you are on this site to find the sweet little helpless princess then you are on the wrong path.  
  I am Mistress Alexandra, the Top Dominatrix in Seattle.  It is my nature to be Dominant.  People obey me because I manifest a commanding presence

The journey of a session with Mistress Alexandra, Dominatrix Seattle, is full of self-discovery, exploration, personal growth, trust and also an empowering path towards embracing your true self and acceptance of kinky desires

  Get ready to embark on a life-changing adventure with unlimited possibilities in the path of submission and pleasure.

 Explore a world of exquisite dominance, tantalizing power dynamics, and thrilling new limits. Surrender to your deepest desires, as I welcome you into My sanctuary at Dominatrix Seattle. Are you ready to fulfill your most provocative fantasies?

Top FemDom in Seattle

A small list of the variety of Domination styles and coaching classes for those who want to explore BDSM and power exchange at the next level.


In person Domination

Embrace your desires and surrender to the thrilling world of domination and submission with the Top Dominatrix in Seattle, at my private, discreet dungeon

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Online Domination

Interaction is online, domination is real.

Join My magic world and be close to me daily. Online sessions, photos, clips and so much more

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I provide expert coaching and consulting services to professionals and private practitioners in the world of Femdom and FLR. Achieve your and maximize your potential with personalized guidance and support


 Mistress Seattle My Style

Welcome to the Shrine to Female Supremacy

A pure mind game and if the mind isn't dominated, the body will never be subdued

As you step into my realm of Femdom in Seattle, prepare to be awestruck by my commanding presence and expertise. Whether you are a novice or an experienced submissive, I will tailor my approach to ensure an unforgettable experience that leaves you craving more.

Indulge in the thrill of surrendering yourself to Mistress Seattle's command as I takes control over both your mind and body. With every session, I pushes the limits of pleasure and dominance, leaving you longing for the next encounter. I will always respect your boundaries but I do want you to grow with me in the magic hands of a real dominant female

In the world of a top Dominatrix in Seattle, Mistress Alexandra reigns supreme with my intellect, education, and captivating personality. Are you ready to submit yourself to my power? Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey that will redefine your understanding of pleasure and submission.

Online Domination

Interaction is online, domination is real

 For those who don’t have the chance to meet me in person or just want to “have a taste” of My style here you can find a helpful list of links and activities that can be done online.

Destinations and coaching

Travel and explore

  My future are always full of surprises, excitement and a chance to explore your wildest fantasies. From private gatherings to larger events and coaching, I will make sure that your experience is one to remember.

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